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Discovering the Hidden Kyoto Step into World of Shinto at the World Heritage Site, the Kamigamo Shrine

Available through the year (except November and December 21 - January 16)



Guests of the Hotel Kyoto Granvia are now being offered the unusual opportunity of experiencing the esoteric world of Shinto through escorted visits to the inner sanctums of the Kamigamo Shrine in Kyoto. Available only to guests of the Hotel Kyoto Granvia, this unique plan will usher visitors into a world that outsiders rarely get to see. Guests will be greeted by a Shinto priest for the early morning visit when the shrine is enveloped in an atmosphere of utter serenity. The priest will act as guide throughout the entire visit. Among the experiences awaiting guests will be a purification ceremony, visits to both important cultural properties and designated national treasures within the vast compound of the shrine, and the viewing of important assets including sacred ornaments and costumes and other objects used in the famed Aoi Festival. Guests will also have the opportunity to participate in a ceremony known as Onikku-sai which is dedicated to the proposition of world peace and prosperity. This ceremony, in fact, has never before been open to the general public. The visit will conclude with a traditional tea and Japanese sweets presentation in the shrine’s official guest quarters. After the tour guests will be encouraged to stroll through the lush gardens surroundings of the shrine. Of particular interest are the old homes of the families long affiliated with the shrine, one of which, the Nishimura House, is open to the public. There are also a picturesque waterway and a famed centuries-old iris garden in the nearby Ota Shrine that is well worth a visit.


*What you need to know about Kamigamo Shrine
*Kamigamo Shrine, with a history of several thousand years, is the oldest Shinto shrine in the ancient city of Kyoto. The shrine is not only designated a UNESCO World Heritage site, but most of its buildings have been classified as Important Cultural Properties. The Shrine’s famed Aoi Matsuri (Hollyhock Festival), held every year in May, is considered one of the three most important festivals of the year in Kyoto. The magnificent procession of thousands of people in elegant costumes dates back some 1,000 years and is a fascinating spectacle to see. Tens of thousands of visitors, including many from abroad, flock to the city for this colorful event. Aside from the festival period, the area around Kamigamo Shrine is completely tranquil, exuding an atmosphere of peace not readily found in other areas of the city.

Price and Condition

  • Discovering the Hidden Kyoto Charge: JPY3,000 per person for attending the Onikku-sai ceremony.
  • Advance payment is necessary upon checking-in
  • Number of Guests: At least 2 with a maximum of 15 per day.
  • Transportation: A taxi is recommended.
  • The average rate is approx. JPY2,700 one way from the hotel to Kamigamo Shrine.
  • Additional: Guidance is in Japanese. For guests who wish to have an interpreter, which is recommended, the fee will be JPY25,200 for the half day per group.
  • For a group of 8 persons or more, English speaking priest can be requested, also subject to availability.
  • Cancellation policy: The full amount will be charged unless we are notified of your cancellation by 3 days prior to your expected arrival.

Schedule (a.m.)

7:15 Leave hotel for Kamigamo Shrine
7:45 Arrive at shrine
8:00 Greetings by priest and start of tour.

  • Enter Naoraiden, an important cultural property for Oharai purification ceremony.
  • Enter Suirou corridor (important cultural property) and visit Honden Sanctuary, a national treasure. Participate in Onikku-sai ceremony for peace and prosperity.
  • Go to Takakuraden, important cultural property, to view Shinto ornaments, costumes and other unusual items associated with the Aoi festival.

9:00 Enjoy tea with Japanese sweets at Shamusho guestquarters.
Tour Ends Stroll at leisure through the shrine and its surroundings.

For further inquiries, please contact: Overseas Marketing, Hotel Granvia Kyoto.

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Fax: +81-75-344-4400;