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The Ultimate Wedding Ceremony:

A Shinto Ceremony in the Ancient Capital at a World-renowned Shrine

The magnificent Kamigamo Shrine…
One thousand years of mystique and romance!
The perfect place to vow eternal love!


Imagine getting married in Kyoto with all its inherent beauty and elegance… a fabulous kimono wedding dress… the mystique of exchanging vows at a beautiful world famous Shinto Shrine… This will be a wedding ceremony you will long remember.

At the Hotel Granvia Kyoto, we are dedicated to providing our guests with uniquely Japanese experiences that many international visitors may never even imagine could be possible.

We are thrilled to offer couples around the world this wonderful opportunity to experience the essence of the traditional Japanese wedding ceremony. We will arrange everything, from the wedding attire to transportation to the ceremony itself at the fabled Kamigamo Shrine, which has been designated a World Heritage Site. Leave the burden of planning to us.

Just give us four days of your visit to Japan and let us help you enjoy the experience of a lifetime. Our package includes three nights in our luxurious junior suite (with breakfast), complete traditional wedding attire for both bride and groom, wedding ceremony at Kamigamo Shrine, limousine services, and a wedding dinner at the hotel.

Kamigamo Shrine:

*Kamigamo Shrine, with a history of several thousand years, is the oldest Shinto shrine in the ancient city of Kyoto. The shrine is not only designated a UNESCO World Heritage site, but most of its buildings have been classified as Important Cultural Properties. The Shrine’s famed Aoi Matsuri (Hollyhock Festival), held every year in May, is considered one of the three most important festivals of the year in Kyoto. The magnificent procession of thousands of people in elegant costumes dates back some 1,000 years and is a fascinating spectacle to see. Tens of thousands of visitors, including many from abroad, flock to the city for this colorful event. Aside from the festival period, the area around Kamigamo Shrine is completely tranquil, exuding an atmosphere of peace not readily found in other areas of the city.


Day 1 Check-in
Wedding attire fitting and hair styling consultation at the hotel
Day 2 Ceremony Day
Hair styling and dressing for bride and groom
Departure to Shrine (hair dresser will accompany you)
Arrive at Shrine
Ceremony (30 min.)
Return to hotel
Change clothes
Wedding Dinner at Shiokoji Rakusui
Day 3 Free

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The package includes;

  • Three-nights stay at Junior Suite Room
  • Daily Breakfast for two
  • Complete Traditional Wedding Attire for both Bride and Groom
  • Shinto Wedding Ceremony at Kamigamo Shrine
  • Limousine Service to/from the shrine
  • Traditional wedding dinner for two

Please Note

  • Ceremonies can only be done when Shrine has no planned rituals, and advanced reservation is required.
  • Full advanced payment is required within one week from the time reservations are made.

Additional Information

  • Family and friends are welcome to attend the wedding ceremony. Accommodations, transfers, and wedding dinner fees are additional. Please consult with the hotel planner.
  • Basic traditional wedding attire and modern hair arrangement are included. Should you wish to have additional items such as a traditional wig or other hair decorations, it can be arranged by the hotel.
  • Please note that photo and video-taking are not allowed during the ceremony unless it is done by a designated, contracted photographer. We can assist you in making these arrangements.

For further inquiries, please contact: Overseas Marketing, Hotel Granvia Kyoto.

Tel: +81-75-344-8888; Fax: +81-75-344-4400;

Fax: +81-75-344-4400;