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Find the Hidden Treasure in Kyoto - A Japanese Antique Lover's Delight

Kyoto is truly one of the treasure-troves of Japanese Fine Arts and Antiques, and the city has been appreciated by not only local people, but also by Antique lovers from all over the world.


The city of Kyoto, known as the ancient capital of Japan, has many streets in the older districts – e.g., the Gion and Teramachi districts – which feature shops selling unique and exciting antiques. In these quaint shops you can find beautiful art collections, as well as antique tableware and

furniture which have been collected from throughout Kyoto and greater Japan. The beauty of “Ukiyoe”(traditional Japanese woodblock prints), “Kakejiku” (hanging scrolls), Samurai-culture antiques such as swords and armor, and antique tableware like “Urushi” (lacquerware) are traditional Japanese esthetics that are now assimilated into our daily lives. In addition, you can also find traditional arts and crafts, as well as items that have been transformed to blend in with your modern daily lifestyle. A visit to these districts will stimulate your senses and imagination, and you will feel touched by the long history of Japanese art and the Japanese spirit of craftsmanship which has been handed down over the ages from generation to generation.

The Hotel Granvia Kyoto would like to take you on a private journey into the world of Japanese art for Antique Lovers. The following three courses, each tailored to a specific interest, will be guided by an English-speaking driver who will assist you in communicating with the art experts.

Allow us to assist you in finding the hidden treasures of Kyoto, as it is sure to make your trip a more memorable and enjoyable one!

1. Tableware

Japanese Lacquerware, Porcelain, and other Kitchen items like “Tetsubin” (iron teapot) and Kitchen Knives can be found at various arts & crafts shops of your interest.
* The local Museum of Porcelain Art can be visited upon request.

Japanese lacquerware, porcelain, and pottery have a unique exotic beauty that varies throughout each particular region of Japan. Stroll through the antique districts and markets and you may find that “one-off” art & treasure that fits into your daily world (from unique display items to items designed for daily use).

2. Ukiyoe Woodblock Prints, Kakejiku Hanging Scrolls, and Antique Paintings

Antique and modern Ukiyoe woodblock prints, Kakejiku hanging scrolls, antique paintings, and traditional and modern Japanese stationery.

Ukiyoe, woodblock-print art first developed during Japan’s Edo period, as well as Kakejiku hanging scrolls and antique paintings by Japanese artists are greatly prized by art collectors from all over the world. You can also visit local stationery shops where you can find traditional Japanese paper and stationery that is beloved and treasured by people throughout Japan.
Escape into the fascinating world of Japanese Art and the beauty of Japan’s scintillating array of traditional colors.

3. Art of the Samurai

Samurai weapons – Swords, Armor, and other unique items. Martial arts shop.

Swords, Armor, and other Samurai-related accoutrements that are well known for their legendary beauty and craftsmanship attract many collectors form all over the world, and the historical origin of Japanese martial arts can be found in the warrior traditions of the Samurai. You will discover a window into the Samurai spirit when visiting the related areas and shops in Kyoto.

Tour Schedule

Each tour will be arranged in advance according to your choice of courses made from the three selections shown above. A list of shops, museums, and galleries will be also provided in advance according to your specific interests.

10:00 Leave the Hotel Granvia Kyoto
・ Visit Antique Street for “Treasures Hunting”
・ Lunch taken at your leisure
14:00 Traditional Arts & Crafts / Green Tea at “Murin-an”(image) Traditional Arts & Crafts - explore more arts & crafts of your interest.
-Enjoy a relaxing Japanese Tea Time after Treasures Hunting-
Green Tea at “Murin-an”, a traditional Japanese garden that is cleverly designed to incorporate the nearby hills of the Higashiyama district as backdrop scenery and the waters of nearby Lake Biwa as the source of its streams. Enjoy the garden’s beautiful scenery with a delicious and relaxing cup of Japanese green tea.
17:00 Return to the Hotel Granvia Kyoto

*Please note that on a per-request basis, we are glad to take you to the antique market or auction held at a temple, shrine, or auction house as follows:

Every 21st of the month: Flea Market at Toji Temple
Every 25th of the month: Flea Market at Kitano Tenmangu shrine
Auction House “Kogirekai”: Every-other Month (Silent Auction)
Grand Antique Fair held each Summer & Autumn
(Please inquire with the hotel staff as to the exact dates and times)


This exclusive antique program starts from JPY22,500 per person (based on two persons touring together) and includes the following:

  • One day (up to 7 hours) sightseeing program (inclusive casual lunch) with a YASAKA private car and an English-speaking driver
  • All admissions & entrance fees for up to two persons and all parking fees based on the program

Price Chart:

Click here for details [PDF]

For Reservations:

  • Please make an accommodation booking by accessing the “Reservation” page, “Reservation” page, select a check-in date and proceed the booking.
  • Fill out “Comments and Special Requests” Form to submit your request for a tour program. Please write the name of the tour, numbers of participants and preferred date.We will get back to you shortly with availability and details of the requested program.


  • Cancellation policy: Following percentage of the above rate is to be charged for cancellation.
    3 days prior to the arrival day: 100%
  • Payment: Prepayment upon check-in
  • Please read " Terms and Conditions " to book this package

For further inquiries, please contact: Overseas Marketing, Hotel Granvia Kyoto.

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